Is It Expensive to Build a Stone House in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s use of sandstone in buildings has been used since the 19th century. Many of those buildings you’ll still be able to see today. Why? Because sandstone is a highly durable building material that is suited perfectly for the Australian environment. But this brings the question, is building a Sandstone House Expensive in Australia?

Stone House

Stone House

The Price of Building a Sandstone House in Brisbane

Building any house in Australia is never what we’d call ‘cheap’, but sandstone is often cheaper than many other popular forms of building materials. However, sandstone is considered extremely cost-effective for one particular reason: sandstone can increase the value of your home greatly. It’s common knowledge that sandstone can add value to any home and can even increase your home’s value by up to 10 percent, compared to an otherwise identical home.

The Revival of Sandstone in Modern Homes

Sandstone in homes is certainly back in vogue, thanks to its classy and natural appeal, mirroring majestic historical buildings and interiors. Although sandstone is more commonly used to build certain sections of a house rather than the entire house, the effect is instant and obvious.

Maintaining Sandstone Homes in Brisbane

One way that building a sandstone home can save you from expenses is that sandstone rooms provide temperature neutral interiors. This will help deal with Australia’s harsh temperatures, staying comfortable and cosy and indoors. However, perhaps the most significant way sandstone homes are cost-effective regarding Australian weather, is that they are extremely durable, require low maintenance and last for a long time. The fact that there are still fantastic looking Australia sandstone homes that are over a century old says a lot about their longevity.

Sandstone World – Brisbane’s Trusted Sandstone Supplier

Sandstone World is proud to be Brisbane’s leading Sandstone supplier. We provide the highest-grade Queensland Sandstone sourced from the Yangan and Helidon regions. We have a wide range of clientele who can vouch for our quality, including schools, charities, landscapers, construction and excavation, streetscapes, government projects and parklands.

Our fantastic range of sandstone products include:

We also provide a dynamic range of pebbles, quarry products and factory products.

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