Building a Sandstone Retaining Wall Using Sandstone Blocks!

Sandstone World supplys top quality blocks for Sandstone Retaining Wall which is a proud supplier of all varieties and different sandstone products in Brisbane such as sandstone mailbox, sandstone steps, sandstone seats and sandstone retaining walls using our top-grade sandstone blocks.

Let us have a look at what factors one should consider when building a retaining wall made out of sandstone blocks.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a special kind of wall that is rigid enough to not only be able to support the wall itself but also be able to hold back the pressure from the soil or water behind the wall.

Why Use Sandstone Blocks for Retaining ?

  1. Easy to Use:

A retaining wall made out of sandstone blocks is really simple to build on your own. Just line the sandstone blocks and keep fitting individual blocks on top of one another unless you reach the desired height for your retaining wall.

  1. Aesthetics:

A Sandstone wall gives a very natural look to your home garden or patio.

  1. Strong:

Sandstone is a really strong material and is a perfect choice for a Retaining wallto hold back the soil in your garden.


What to Consider When Building a Retaining Wall:

  1. Make sure the size of the sandstone block is enough to resist the pressure being applied by the weight behind the retaining wall.
  2. Create a solid base for the wall so that the sandstone blocks do not shift compromising the structural integrity of your work.
  3. Ensure that there is proper drainage for water in your walls so no water is collected, increasing the weight of wet gravel or earth, which can put more pressure on the retaining wall.
  4. Ensure that the top tiers do not add to the pressure behind the underlying tiers by planning out multi-level tiers.
  5. Choose the shape and colour of the sandstone blocks according to your taste and lifestyle that can complement your home.

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