Sandstone Blocks And Boulders

The Sandstone Blocks and Boulders that Sandstone World offers to its customers may have been around for many million years and were also used in the ancient world, but after being forgotten about for many years, more and more garden, park and exterior designers are rediscovering the optical difference that these beautiful masterpieces, crafted by nature can make in any garden design.

The team of Sandstone World has quick turnaround times and offers a great variety of blocks and boulders that will allow you to come up with completely new design ideas or simply copy some from other successful designs. Some of the boulders are completely untreated or redefined, giving you the chance of creating a design that resembles the raw strength and beauty of nature. Other blocks on the other hand, with multiple sawn sides will allow you to recreate designs first employed by the ancient Romans and Greek. Listed below you find some of the different blocks and boulders that you can purchase at Sandstone World.

  • Sandstone Hammered Manhandables Brisbane
    Hammered Manhandables (Hand Moveables)
  • Natural Random Boulders (Hand moveable)
  • Hammered Random Sandstone Brisbane
    Hammered Random
  • b-grade-sandstone-brisbane
    B Grade Sandstone (machine size)
  • b-grade-premium-sandstone-brisbane
    B Grade Premium (machine size)
  • A Grade Sandstone Brisbane
    A Grade 5 Sawn Sides (machine moveable)
  • A Grade Sawn Sided Sandstone Brisbane
    A Grade 6 Sawn Sides (machine size)

Random Boulders and Hammered Random Boulders

These large sized rocks are perfect when you want to add a landmark to your garden that is capable of getting the attention of your visitors in an instant. At a size that makes them immovable for men without machines, these boulders will be able to stage as the centerpiece to a small garden or be added together as a group, showcasing another highlight of your design. While the machine sized random boulders are also great additions to a large flowerbed, the hammered random boulders show more of a resemblance of refined, sawn boulders. You can use these large pieces as a group of natural seats around a fireplace or a natural picnic table, as well as any other design idea you may have involving these large ancient beauties.

B Grade Sandstone

Unlike the random boulders described before, the machine sized and machine movable B Grade Blocks look much more human made than even the random hammered boulders. With most of them having at least some machine sawn sides, these blocks are the perfect option for those designers who are looking to add natural looking seating groups to their garden design. With many different sizes, shapes and forms of these beautiful blocks available, you will be able to find the ones that will best represent the kind of design that you had in mind. At a great price and much supply, a phone call to Sandstone World, with these B Grade blocks in mind, surely won’t be a waste of time. However, please be aware that these blocks are every bit as heavy as they look. At their size, there is no way that they can be man-moved at all.

B Grade Premium Boulders

If you would like a better Grade block and still want to get great value for your hard-earned money, then B Grade Premium blocks are the perfect alternative to A Grade blocks. Machine sized, these large blocks will allow you to create unique designs in your garden or possibly even a fence, protecting your property. They can also greatly be used to frame a pathway or separate different areas of your garden, in order to guide your visitors through your garden.

A Grade 5 and 6 sawn sides

If you are an exterior designer who would like the best quality sandstone, then Sandstone World has some true gems in stock for you. Their A Grade 5 and 6 sawn side blocks have a rather smooth surface and will allow you to create designs that will surely be recognized as perfectly intended works of art. Whether you want to use them to frame a path along your garden, a flower bed or use them as a massive high quality separation piece for different areas of your garden, these boulders will not fail your design concept.


These smaller rocks and boulders are large enough to make an impression on all of your guests, but small enough for you to lift and place them in the desired spot by hand. They look especially great as pieces scattered in a flower bed or around some of your trees. You can easily create a natural desert look that will impose its majestic look on your guests and outsiders alike. Available in many different sizes, shapes and forms, you will be able to use them in many diverse areas of your garden, as pieces to spice up your design.

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