Supplying Sandstone to Brisbane, Yangan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Northern Rivers and Australia wide.

We are the suppliers of world class Queensland Sandstone Brisbane Blocks.

Our Stone is extracted from Ex-State Government Quarries which supplied stone to Brisbane’s Heritage Buildings, over 80 years ago.

The stone on these buildings has stood the test of time, made from the highest quality Sandstone sourced from the Yangan and Helidon regions.

We simply supply a wide range of clientele such as Schools, Charities, Landscapers, Construction and Excavation, Streetscapes, Landscaping companies, Government Projects and Parklands.

We supply and deliver the best Grade Sandstone comparatively for your residential or commercial projects to many different locations in Queensland and Australia. You certainly have a quality supplier at Sandstone World that you can trust empathatically. From popular Sandstone like Sandstone Helidon to Sandstone Yangan, to all the colours that you require for a perfect fit for your project, Sandstone World provides the shapes and dimensions that you require for basically anthing you require in Sandstone.

We are proud of our distinctive capability to ensure the quality of our products and services by internally managing all aspects of our business, from rock supply to delivery and construction. Through our own quarry operations for certain types of rock, we can guarantee a consistent, high-quality rock supply. Sandstone Brisbane blocks, your premier destination for high-quality sandstone products in Brisbane. We simply take pride in offering a wide selection of top-grade sandstone blocks additionally that are perfect for a variety of construction and landscaping projects.


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At Sandstone World, we have an impressive range of quality Sandstone and Rock products that are perfectly suited for your garden, home, and commercial projects. We welcome property owners, architects, designers, landscapers, Councils and construction builders to contact us directly to discuss our full range of Sandstone products or to obtain prices. We will deliver you Quarry Direct Sandstone at affordable prices.Our products are great for Sandstone Retaining Walls, Boulder Retaining Walls, Landscaping projects, tiling your outdoor areas, Seats for Schools or Parks or just adding value to your home.

All products are directly from the Quarry or Factory and used by the customer.

Sandstone World’s products include all the beautiful colours in Sandstone. Find multiple colours in our Pebbles for your garden or the perfect colour and cut for large Boulders. Our pebble colour selections include red, tan, beige, white, black, brown, yellow, grey and pink, and many more. Our Blocks and Boulders colours include tan, pink, grey, purple, cream, golden, brown and white.

With a range of products and a team that will cut your Stones and Blocks to your specifications, we have the sandstone you require to get your project completed. Have your Sandstone Pavers/Tiles cut to your thickness, and size requirements. Find the Yangan Sandstone or Helidon Sandstone you require for your interior or exterior project. Add elegance to the garden or to the company courtyard with Sandstone Seats made to your specifications.

Enhance your property with the addition of a Sandstone Letterbox that is made to order. The ageless beauty of Sandstone is one that adds an appeal and value to any property.

Take an ordinary wall and add Sandstone Wall Capping or Cladding that provides an elegant look. Lay steps to your garden or up the side of the house or office in some of the beautiful colours of Sandstone. You could add an exquisite Sandstone Sculpture to your garden or upgrade the exterior of the home or office with Sandstone Bricks.

We can supply any kind of Sandstone products you can think of at wholesale prices. The possibilities are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The weight of Sandstone Blocks vary with the dimensions of the blocks required.
400 x 400 x 1000-1100mm approx = 390kgs
500 x 500 x 1000-1100mm approx = 500kgs
600 x 600 x 1000-1100mm approx = 900kgs
Sandstone World delivers all over Australia, specialty states is QLD and NSW direct from our Quarries and Factory.
Sandstone is a durable and strong material with good compression strength. It is resistant to weathering, erosion, and chemical weathering. It can also be cut and carved easily and made to dimension. Sandstone World can custom make anything Sandstone.
Sandstone is commonly used in the construction of buildings, walls, bridges, and other structures. It is also used as a decorative material for landscaping projects, garden features, and monuments. Ask Sandstone World for design images.
Sandstone should be cleaned regularly with a soft brush and water to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that can damage the surface as sandstone is a very porous stone. To maintain its appearance, it is recommended to seal sandstone every few years and Sandstone World recommends using DRITREAT.
The quality of sandstone can be identified by its colour, texture, hardness, and strength. Higher quality sandstone has uniform colour and texture, is harder, and has greater strength. Ask one of Sandstone Worlds specialist today.
The advantages of sandstone in construction include its durability, strength, and natural beauty. The disadvantages include its susceptibility to weathering and staining as sandstone is a very porous stone.
Sandstone is generally less expensive than other natural stone options such as granite or marble. Sandstone World offers a number of products that would suit all your landscaping and retaining needs.
Sandstone is commonly used in outdoor and indoor landscaping projects such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and garden features. It is a popular choice due to its natural beauty and durability. Inside use is popular for cladding, pillars, feature walls, paving, internal garden edging and the like.
Sandstone is generally a good conductor of heat and can absorb and retain heat. However, its heat resistance can vary depending on the specific type of sandstone and its composition. Some types of sandstone may have a higher resistance to heat than others, while some may be more susceptible to damage from high temperatures. It's important to consult with a professional or the supplier like Sandstone World to determine its heat resistance and suitability for specific applications.
We have 4 different Grades of Sandstone Blocks –
A Grade (6 sawn sided)
A Grade (5 sawn sided)
B Grade Premium (5 sawn sided)
B Grade (2-4 sawn sided)
Sandstone World also offers Hammered and or Natural Random Boulders.
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