Which stone paving is suitable for your patio?

Stone Paving has so many options to choose from, making an informed decision when it comes to a new patio is crucial. Whether you want to build a new one or renovate an old patio to suit your taste and style, you must browse through all your options like Sandstone Wall Capping or cladding, sandstone sculptures and seats carefully on how to design a stunning but practical patio space for your garden. You can enhance the beauty of the space with Quality Sandstone Brisbane. There are many different types of paving.

Here’s a quick guide:

Concrete Paving

You can also go for textured concrete or contemporary concrete if you are a bit of a minimalist. However, they won’t last as long as porcelain or natural stone hence it is vital that you seal your slabs.

Sandstone Paving

Natural stone paving

If you are a traditionalist, you should stick to patio slabs simply made from natural stone materials like granite, sandstone, and limestone which are a great mid-range priced option. Additionlly the exhaustive range at your disposal makes it easy to find one that will adequately suit the decor of your house. Natural stones have a stark variance in texture and with sandstone paving, no two slabs will be alike.

  • Limestone paving offers deep colours and a riven texture that add finesse and a transformative dimension to your house/garden.
  • Slate patio slabs are a viable option to conform to rustic or contemporary settings. These include linear blue/grey slabs and those with vibrant rusty tones.
  • Granite paving is remarkable with its neat, straight-lined contemporary edges.

Porcelain paving

Porcelain paving is an incredible dirt repelling, hard-wearing solution to your paving problems.  They come in a comprehensive range of styles and colours, all of which brilliantly replicate natural finish. They are long-lasting and a great modern, easy-care patio solution.

Cobbles and natural stone block paving

They are better suited to smaller paved areas like terraces, courtyards, and driveways because of their smaller size meanwhile the rule of thumb is to go for larger slabs for large paved areas to keep things to scale. Cobbles are ideal for driveways because of their durable, hard wearing characteristics.

If you have decided on the right paving type, you could additionally incorporate a few other design elements to the patio like low seating wall decorated aesthetically with potted plants when not in use.

Sandstone World’s Quality Sandstone Brisbane

If you are looking for Quality Sandstone Brisbane and world-class Queensland Sandstone your quest ends here with Sandstone World – The best Sandstone products in Southeast Queensland.  They offer services to property owners, designers, architects, landscapers, councils and construction builders. Their wide range of clientele also includes Schools, charities and Government projects and Parklands.

They seek to differentiate themselves by being a world-class provider of products that come in a wide range of pebble and blocks and boulders colour selections. You can easily find the perfect colour and cut for large boulders.

With Sandstone world, the ultimate supplier of Quality Sandstones Brisbane, the possibilities are endless.

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