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Sandstone world provides sandstone products and solutions for the local Yangan area. We offer a great variety of Pebbles, Rocks, Boulders, Boulder Retaining Walls, Rock Walls, Rock Retaining Walls, Quarry rocks, Rock Supplies, Boulder Walls, and other Sandstone products. At Sandstone World, we provide quarry direct products. Our processing facility allows us to provide our customers with the thickness and size of Yangan Sandstone they require for their project. Our sandstone is consistent in grade and features the wonderful characteristics and uniqueness that makes the stone one of rich appeal.

Yangan Sandstone is one of flawless beauty and strength. Sandstone is a choice in stone for construction due to its beauty and durability. You’ll see sandstone used in the prehistoric construction of magnificent beauty. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, typically made of quartz and/or feldspar. Some of the most beautiful stone is that that has been extracted from buildings that are a 100 years old and older. Not only is sandstone a stone of timeless beauty, but also one that has the strength to last for years. The stone, and its magnificent beauty is one that adds value to any domestic or commercial project.

Sandstone World provides property owners, architects, designers, Councils and construction industry with quality Sandstone. With years of rock handling and logistics experience, we have the equipment and knowledge to provide and deliver quality Sandstone Blocks and products.

We take lots of pride in providing our customers with what they need when they need it, and the product being their best choice in Queensland. We provide our customers with a full selection of Sandstone Blocks and Boulders and Sandstone products.

Some of our Sandstone Products include but are not limited to:

  • Sandstone Bench Tops and Bench Seats
  • Sandstone Sculptures
  • Tumbled Sandstone
  • Retaining walls and Wall Cappers
  • Sandstone Slabs
  • Garden Edging bricks
  • Sandstone Letterboxes and Mailboxes
  • Stepping Stones, Crazy Pavers, Tiles and Pavers
  • Sandstone Rocks, Blocks, Boulders and Decorative Pebbles/Gravels
  • Wall Cladding and Capping
  • Sandstone Seats
  • House Bricks, Split Random, Steps/Stairs
  • Sandstone Wheel Sawn/Diamond Sawn Steps
  • Sandstone Letter Boxes

Sandstone World offers a full range of sandstone products for both domestic and commercial projects. Whether Pavers for a path in the Garden, Capping for a Retaining Wall, or Boulders, we have a broad range of sandstone in the uniqueness and colours that create the beauty of the stone.

The finish of Sandstone is one that provides properties with natural beauty and also adds value to any property.

With a quality selection, and the assistance you need to ensure that you have your best options for your project, Sandstone World is Australia’s best supplier in Sandstone.

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Yangan Sandstone

Yangan is a town, located in southeast Queensland, Australia, lying 130 km south-west of Brisbane.

Sandstone in Yangan is Very Unique

In the late 1860s farms started emerging in the region, and an intake of Danish farmers saw significant growth in the region. Saw pits and mills were established, and sandstone was quarried about one kilometre out of town. Since then Yangan Sandstone has grown in popularity both domestically and internationally. Yangan Sandstone reserves are expected to provide premium boulders and rocks for hundreds of years to come.

Sandstone World use Yangan’s premium Sandstone to manufacturer Retaining Walls, Wall Capping, Sculptures, Steps, Tiles, and Benches.


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