Why Choose Sandstone for Your Home Decor Plans?

Choosing Sandstone for your home decor is essential in order to go for both fast and cheap, people tend to choose concrete for construction. However, there are far better materials and sandstone is among the best naturally-occurring material. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is available in a wide range of textures and earthy colors. It can be used for different ways such as padding, carving, profiling.
Sandstone is also environment friendly. If you are about to build a new house or renovate an old one, consider using sandstone. Sandstone has a history of being used by some ancient civilizations as a construction material. It is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. It is versatile (can be cut, carved and polished for a variety of applications) and slip resistant, thus can also be used indoors. If that wasn’t enough, this time-tested material can also be used to retain walls, pools and flooring.

Still not convinced? But before you click on something else, let us give you some reasons to consider sandstone for your next construction project.

Top 10 reasons to choose Sandstone

1. It has the texture of hardened sand and can be used in bathrooms and living rooms. The variety of earthly colors available makes it even more attractive to look at.

2. Sandstone lasts longer than almost any other material due to it being a natural material. Compare that with synthetic materials like porcelain or ceramic tiles, sandstone fares better in the test of time.

3. All it requires is a quick rinse to clean it up. Washing it up with a high pressure hose occasionally will make it look as good as new.

4. Sandstone has a wide range of uses. You can use it as a pool paver or ground mulch. If you are using it as pavers, it is easy to cut into shape. It is not brittle and can withstand significant elemental damage.

5. Sandstone has wonderful fasting with cement. It will help you in the installation process of your pavers. The pavers will then be easy to replace in case of damage.

6. Even after being constantly exposed to elemental damage, it can retain its neutral tones better than other stones. Apart from that, it can be sealed to not allow moisture to seep through.

7. Hardness or density does not change unlike limestone, for example.

8. Yangan Sandstone is lighter and cheaper than other stones like granite.

9. You can consider using it in architectural designs in different ways. For example, making a sandstone patio to add the polish you need to your design. It also offers a more elegant and sophisticated ambience – for example, if you were to add pillars or ceilings made of sandstone. You could also use rough sandstone to create a fireplace in your living room!
10. This also ensures a low carbon footprint due to less energy used compared to making of man made stones (concrete, brick).


Give your house that extra oomph with this eco-friendly but supremely gorgeous Brisbane Sandstone. Talk to Sandstone World experts and designers for ideas and details! Call 0431 285 425


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