Is Sandstone Suitable For Winter Months?

Sandstone World has numerous suiatble products of Sandstone Suitable in winter months –  We start to spend more time inside our homes in the warmth than outside in the cold when the winter season arrives. We think about the insulation of our houses and about ways we can keep our homes as warm and cosy as possible.

For the comfort and wellbeing of those living, insulation in the home is vital. There are many ways you can insulate your home than just double glazing and insulation installation. It is important that the basic fundamentals of the property are equipped for both summer and winter months when decorating your home, including flooring, curtains, doors, etc.

Sandstone is a good insulator

It may surprise you to hear that sandstone is actually a great insulator to keep your home warm during winter. For practically as long as man has lived in houses, sandstone has been used as floor and wall covering. The architectural remains of the Greek and Roman buildings contain Sandstone Tiles and mosaics which clearly demonstrates the longevity of the stone and just how durable they are.

It is for a very good reason that sandstone has been used in homes for centuries. It brings stunning colours, textures and patterns into your home and adds a great quality and warmth to it.

Hearth piece Sandstone Suitable in winter months


In short, sandstone products is good for winter which makes Sandstone suitable in winter months.

The type of subfloor you are laying your sandstone onto will affect the heat of the tiles. It may be worth investing in affordable underfloor heating if you are putting your tiles down onto a concrete screed. Sandstone is absolutely ideal for conducting underfloor heating which makes it a great surface for bare feet.

Suitable for all kinds of properties

Sandstone can suit both contemporary styled properties and traditional settings as it comes in a variety of styles. This adaptability makes sandstone suitable for country cottages and urban townhouses both. These are ideal for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, conservatories, bedrooms and hallways.

Not only sandstone tiles outlive the property they are originally put into but also are beautiful, durable and warm.

Have a look at Sandstone World range if you are looking to invest in some gorgeous sandstone tiles, and feel free to get in contact our experts at 0431 285 425.

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