Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

Sandstone Pavers, Tiles and  Sandstone Stepping Stones are produced to order. We can make any size or thickness you require. The most economical product in our pavers range is Crazy Pave. Crazy Pave is sold in irregular shapes and sizes.

Our Sandstone Pavers and Stepping Stones are great for pathways and around your garden. Sandstone has been long known as the stone of elegant taste and durability; therefore considered an asset to property owners. Each stone is unique with its natural colour and pattern, which adds brilliance to any project.

Sandstone Pavers and Tiles are sold in Quarry Run Colours or Helidon Browns. Quarry Run Colours can be a mix of pinks, purples, whites and browns. Helidon Browns can be anything between flat browns to banded browns with the beautiful pattern within the stone.

Sandstone Pavers and Tiles are used for many different applications such internal flooring, external patios and balconies, garden paths, pool decks, wall cladding, retaining walls, steps and stepping stones.

Sandstone is a warm, natural stone that possesses a great deal of beauty. Each stone has its characteristics, which adds to the beauty of the stone. Sandstone World offers Sandstone Pavers in any size and thickness. We also carry Sandstone Crazy Pave, a more economical choice in sandstone.

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