Is Sandstone More Expensive Than Brick?

Are you tired of looking for building material quotes online? Are you confused with all the various materials and labour costs? Then you won’t be surprised with our answer to the question asked in the topic – There is no single and simple answer!


Sandstone comes in various grades, and the way they are sawn or finished has a big impact on their prices. Add to that the varying costs of installation/ labour and a yes-or-no answer becomes even more elusive. For example, for a retaining wall of timber is the cheapest option, and concrete Besser blocks the most expensive. Sandstone falls somewhere in the middle – again depending on how much customisation you need.


So, the real question is what you want your outdoor area to look like!

We have compiled a set of reasons that make sandstone a good investment – this might help you make up your mind more confidently.

The Look

There is no doubt that when it comes to aesthetics, sandstone has a classic and natural look that cannot be compared to brick or concrete. A soft, golden yellow colour imparts a warm touch that provides a perfect background for outdoor greenery. Sandstone has great versatility and is being used for all sorts of outdoor hardscape features and work equally well as pavers & tiles or for retaining walls or seats and steps.

Sandstone also weathers beautifully and in fact, looks even better with time!


If you are building for the long term, then sandstone is your default material of choice. From transportation to installation to decades of daily use – sandstone comes out ahead of both – brick and concrete.

Sandstone Bricks are a great option for giving outside facing walls of your house a natural stone look. Along with sandstone bricks, sandstone blocks and boulders can also be used to build not just walls, but also uber-natural fountains or artistic installations.

Easy to maintain

For sandstone’s eye-catching quartz shine to stay fresh, you need to clean it regularly. In general, you don’t need special cleaning for sandstone features – for sandstone pavers and tiles just make sure to clean up any spillage immediately and mop the floor regularly.

For other sandstone features such as retaining walls made up of sandstone block and boulders, you don’t need to do anything at all!


All natural and energy efficient, sandstone is a much more earth-friendly option than clay fired brick or manufactured concrete blocks.

Sandstone blocks, bricks or cladding also have an added advantage of providing more efficient insulation than manmade materials when used on exterior building walls.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with sandstone! Regardless of the setting and the functionality, the versatility of sandstone ensures that it immediately becomes a part of the environment it is set in. So much so, that it’s hard to look at a sandstone fixture and imagine something else in its place!

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Your hunt for the perfect building material ends here!


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