Sandstone Seats of High Quality

Sandstone Seats can be made to your specifications; they are great in the garden to sit on and take in your surrounds. One of our best sellers as seats are the B Grade Premium or A Grade Sandstone Blocks. We supply Schools, Parklands and the Public. They are child friendly, the children love to climb all over them. We also supply them for seats around fire pits, they can be palletised and purchased by the Block.

  • Sandstone Seat (smooth sawn)
  • Sandstone Seats Brisbane
    Sandstone Seat (rockfaced)
  • Sandstone Seat (rustic)
  • Sandstone Seat (profiled)

Sandstone Seat is unique, varies in shape and size, colours and tones

Sandstone is a magnificent material that is popular for a number of domestic and commercial applications. The material is one that is warm, adding a great deal of peace and comfort to a property. With a wide selection of colours, sandstone can blend perfectly with most architectural styles and landscapes.

Just as each sandstone is unique, each sandstone seat is unique, varying in shape and size, colours and tones. The tones of sandstone are exquisite, offering a natural beauty that is unmatchable. With a warm elegance, sandstone seats can be an addition to the garden, as well as used indoors.

Most sandstone consists of quartz and/or feldspar as these are two common minerals found in the earth’s crust. The material is strongly identified with particular regions because of its high visibility in areas like cliffs and other topographic features. With warm characteristics that offer each sandstone its unique character and colours that provide an array of choices, sandstone seating can add an elegant and tasteful addition to domestic and commercial properties that adds an elegant warmth.

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