Which is the best stone for building houses?

Building Houses with Sandstone – If you’re looking to build your house in a distinctive style, then using rocks is a great way to go. And, if you’re located in Australia, there’s no better choice than Gold Coast Sandstone!



Gold Coast Sandstone

Sandstone – probably Australia’s favourite building stone – is both extremely stylish and durable. It has a long history of popular use, dating back to colonial times. Sydney’s 19th-century sandstone buildings, which stand the trying tests of time, are proof enough of its resilience.

In contemporary times, Gold Coast Sandstone is re-gaining a large fan base among both commercial and residential building owners. It’s not just about the sturdy structure it gives to the buildings. Standing bright against all artificial building materials, it also provides a much wider range of design options than any other kind of stone as well!

So, what are the major benefits of using sandstone for building houses?


Can you imagine building an entire house out of marble? Or even slate, for that matter? None of the other stone options available combines multiple winning characteristics like quality Helidon Sandstone. It’s also very easily available, eliminating the hassle of sourcing before building!

Adapts to Australian Weather

What’s the point of building a beautifully designed house if it looks like a rough, tired structure of nondescript colour in a few years? Quality of external materials is key to long term sustainability of the look of your building, and quality Helidon Sandstone brings that security.

Born in Australia, it is extremely well suited to the harsh sun and resists the corrosive effects of prolonged heat and glare! In fact, this is a stone that weathers well, and its beauty actually increases with time!


Of course, here you might think – how can stones NOT be eco-friendly! That’s partially true. But, Gold Coast Sandstone is way more special.

Compared to other common building materials (brick or concrete), sandstone has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Also, it occurs naturally. Meaning that there are no chemicals involved in its production. As a bonus, quality sandstone from Australia can be easily recycled!

Suits every design

Sandstone is, by far, one of the most versatile stones! First, consider its splendid colour. Whether you’re using the traditional beige Helidon Sandstone or a more golden one, it effortlessly adds warm tints to your building.

The natural, classic tones pair well with any internal decor ideas you might have. Gold Coast Sandstone is available in many textures, allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content. It’s so stable that it can be used for a variety of purposes such as paving, garden edging, building facades and so on!

Low-maintenance and long-lasting

Quality sandstone can be your best friend when building houses if you are a busy person with very little time to waste on home upkeep! When sandstone boulders or slabs are used in retaining walls, they do not need any extra care. This is a major upper hand over other types of stones.

Even when used elsewhere, no special cleaning systems need to be put in place. The most that you’ll ever need is to give the sandstone floor a regular mopping, and that’s all. Despite the low maintenance, as you by now know, Gold Coast Sandstone is perfect for long-term building, as it’s thermally neutral and, thus, extremely durable.

So, if you are looking to build a new house, or install a new stone feature in a building you own, you can trust sandstone with your eyes closed. It’ll remain a thing of admiration for generations to come!

And, if you’re wondering where to source your sandstone from, your search ends here. Sandstone World can provide you with the best quality Helidon Sandstone in Australia. Just dial 0431 285 425 so that we can help you out with all your stonemasonry needs!

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