DIY Sandstone Steps for Your Home in Brisbane

Sandstone Steps can transform your boring entrance way into a formal and elegant entranceway to your home. These sandstone steps can instantly add a natural aesthetic landscape to your home. Even though many people believe that sandstone can be very difficult material to work with but actually it is just like any other flooring material in the market. 

Sandstone steps

Quality Sandstone Supplier Brisbane

Hiring professionals to create Sandstone Steps can often cost you a lot. Sandstone World is a Quality Sandstone Supplier in Brisbane. We’re here to share a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect Sandstone Steps for your home using our sandstone products in Brisbane.

What Colour & Size Should Be Used for Sandstone Steps?

Sandstone comes in a variety of colours and sizes, which might make it harder for you to find a perfect colour shape and size for your DIY sandstone steps project in Brisbane. The key tip is to find a colour and finish option that can blend well with your house style and theme. If you want a naturalistic finish then you might want to choose a sandstone with a rock face uneven finish. If you like smooth finish then go for sawn square or rounded bullnose sandstone.

We recommend you use large sandstone pieces so that one piece can form an entire step. However, you would require a little help to lift the large stone. But if you are a pro, then you can also choose smaller stones and piece them together to form individual steps.

Placement and Levelling of Sandstone Steps:

Place your Sandstone Steps on a porous surface such as aggregate or sand for proper drainage. Your steps should be set on a porous material with good drainage. Compact the surface to make it stable for the placement of the sandstone. To avoid the base material from being saturated, install a perforated drain pipe under your set of steps. Start placing your steps from the base and work your way up to make construction easier.

Finishing of Your Sandstone Steps:

Try to match the material for the retaining walls along your sandstone steps to blend well with the steps for a more cohesive look. However, if you like a more artsy style, then arrange the steps in a slope for a more natural look. Arrange a small rock garden beside and plant small plants to complement the steps.

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