Limestone vs. Sandstone: Which Natural Paving Stone is the Better Choice for Your Home?

Limestone Vs Sandstone is a way of Nature which has given us two excellent ways to enhance the beauty of our homes in limestone and sandstone. But choosing between the best limestone and Sandstone Brisbane has to offer may cause a bit of a dilemma for some homeowners. If, like them, you could not decide which natural material to use on your next project, never fear. Here are some tips to show you which is the better option for your home.

Home Improvement Applications of Limestone Vs Sandstone

It is also a cheaper material. An exception is the Travertine rock and marble which, while, much harder, are also much more expensive and more commonly used in luxurious projects such as countertops, sculptures, and other interior decorations.

Locally sourced limestone rocks have less weather resistance than sandstones but are still better than most kinds of stone. They are suitable for various landscaping projects, such as paths, steps, and pavers. If you end up using limestone for pavers, avoid using acidic solutions for cleaning as the calcium compounds in the calcite rock can react due to strong acids.

Why Local Sandstone Brisbane Area is the Better Option 

Similar to limestone, sandstone is a type of rock that is formed through the natural process of sedimentation. It is made of sand-sized minerals or rock grains, usually quartz or feldspar. Two to three times harder than limestone, the local Sandstone Brisbane area is better suited for outdoor home improvement projects like a patio, swimming pool, driveways, outdoor furniture or fireplace, pavers, and other outdoor applications that are exposed to harsh conditions.

Although sandstone can be a bit more expensive than limestone, the step-up in quality more than makes up for it. And compared to many other construction materials, sandstone is still much cheaper. In addition, the silica and Magnesium minerals in the stone give it various colors and textures, which are all suitable for the outdoors.

The Most Affordable Sandstone Brisbane Has to Offer

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Sandstone Pavers Vs Limestone


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