The Various Uses of Sandstone

Sandstone is a mesmerising sedimentary rock that happens to be soft and can be shaped and carved beautifully into various things like sandstone sculptures or sandstone fences. 

The Varying Colours, Properties and Composition of Sandstone Is What Makes It A Truly Unique Stone

It is a decorative material that makes any place look novel and delicate even though it is strong against the changing weather. It forms in places where there is water and it takes a long time to form. Sandstone has varying properties depending on its composition and where it was formed. Sandstone comes in a wide variety of colours, which include tan, yellow, blue, grey, cream, white etc. If you’re looking for top quality Sandstone in Brisbane then Sandstone World is the one for you.

Today, when everyone has an eye for beauty, it’s no wonder that Sandstone has become a favourite with home owners and interior designers. It gives your place a lush and rustic look. It has been used since the prehistoric times and has an increasing value by the day. Its durability and strength have also made it very popular amongst designers, architects and builders looking for something that will last a long, long time. 

Sandstone Brisbane

Get Creative with Sandstone!

There are a number of ways to use Sandstone to make anything look good. From feature walls to pavements, there are so many wide uses for Sandstone. 

You can have sandstone statues, build garden benches, tables, line your gardens or pools, make flower beds, decorate your driveway, use it for a water feature and more.

Sandstone makes excellent kitchen counters giving the kitchen a nice warm feeling of happiness and luxury. Bathroom walls and furniture units, fireplaces, balconies and interior wall panels also tend to stand out more when set in sandstones delicate and varying hues.

Using it outdoors helps make your backyards and gardens look graceful and welcoming. The sandstone sculptures, bridges, patio tables, bird baths, stepping stones, monuments and fountains blend well with the greenery and makes you want to spend some time outside the house. You can even have your mailboxes and pet homes made out of sandstone. Also, sandstone happens to be an excellent material for pavers and flower pots as it does well under varying weather conditions. 

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