Sandstone Sculptures

At Sandstone World Brisbane we provide creatively designed (hand made) Sculptures – you think of it and we can create it. Great for show pieces for Streetscapes , Hotels, Golf Clubs and Restaurants. Sandstone Sculpture are super creative and custom designed.

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Sandstone World provides quality Sandstone at affordable prices. With Sandstone Sculptures, gardens and grounds, and even interiors of homes and offices are upgraded to a magnificent beauty. Sandstone Sculptures are hand carved and can be custom designed. Add pumpkins to the beer gardens, or have a beautiful shark in the marine area. Our Stonemasons can even carve a statue of you. The possibilities are endless.

Sandstone Sculptures are not just for hotels, golf clubs, and restaurants. They can add beauty and character to any property- residential or commercial. At Sandstone World Brisbane we provide property owners with creatively designed Sandstone Sculptures, or you can have us custom design one for property.

With a variety of Sandstone Grades and colours that include tan, pink, grey, purple, cream, golden, brown and white you have a masterpiece of ageless beauty.

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