How to Clean Sandstone in Brisbane

Find out how to clean sandstone here – Sandstone is among the most beautiful stones used in construction and decoration, and one that is used in the interiors of homes, as well as the exterior. While it is relatively easy to maintain, property owners must know how to maintain the stone properly to keep it in its best condition. The stone is one that absorbs or soaks up water, which can result in staining. Sandstone World offers the following tips on caring for your Sandstone.

Regular Cleaning of Sandstone

Regular cleaning maintenance is essential as you want to ensure that your stone remains the beautiful stone that it started out as. Property owners should regularly vacuum the sandstone so that any dirt and dust is removed. Once vacuumed, use a quality damp cloth or mop to mop the sandstone. Do not use any chemicals. String mops are a great option in a choice in a mop as they can easily get into the crevices of the honed or textured stone.

Spot cleaning is also recommended to clean quickly up marks, stains and spills. With spot cleaning using a soft cloth and a soft chemical to scrub the surface is acceptable. Be sure that the floor is well rinsed after the sandstone has been cleaned.

Sandstone is not a stone that you want to dry naturally. Use a soft towel and dry the sandstone after cleaning.

Professional Sandstone Cleaning

Should your sandstone be extremely soiled, you will want your stone professionally cleaned. However, professional cleaning should not be performed unless the stone has been properly sealed. If the stone has not been sealed, the sandstone will absorb an excessive amount of water and staining can result.

Use a vacuum cleaner and remove all dirt and dust. Spot clean areas using a stone chemical cleaner that is made for sandstone. Use a soft brush or broom to try to push the chemical into the pores of the stone. Continue this method, cleaning the entire sandstone surface.

Once cleaned, it is necessary to rinse the surface. Remove the excess chemical on the surface of the stone by using a dry cloth and mop or by water.

Sandstone is used in floors, walls, garden beds, walkways, interiors and exteriors, and it is a stone that is exquisite, but must be properly taken care of. It is always bested that you speak to the company that you purchased your stone from, asking them for specific instructions on how to care for the product.

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