Sandstone Pavers in Brisbane

Being a remarkably versatile natural stone, Sandstone can be used for a variety of different purposes including paving. Nowadays, many commercial and residential property owners are ascertaining the ease and convenience of Sandstone pavers. One of its remarkable features is its resilient and hard-wearing nature. In spite of their prolonged exposure to water, they are known to have durable and lasting nature. One can also have the benefit of versatility by choosing sandstone pavers as they may choose from a wide range of colour, types, and patterns. Sandstone pavers are economical; they are very easy to install with minimal cost and demands effortless cleaning methods.

We have already established that using Sandstones as Pavers is very economical and long lasting. However, sometimes you may encounter few trivial problems. Understanding the problems and their solutions can save you a lot of time and money. Here, at Sandstone World, we’re highlighting the problems and the solutions for your better understanding:

Solution for Growth of Weeds between the Sandstone Pavers

Laying the pavers on the bed of sands can cause unwanted weeds to grow which can also lead to the uneven surface. The perfect solution would be to take up the pavers and remove the sand. The Sandstone Pavers should now be laid on a proper wet cement mix.

Solution for Uneven surface of the pavement

Sometimes you may notice that the distance between the pavers might be jagged and indented. In that case, you should check the taper on each stone. Keep in mind that the narrow part of the taper should be always at the top while the wider part should be at the bottom.

Solution for Cracking of the Sandstone Pavers after heavy frosts or ice

There is no definite solution to this problem other than replacement as it is prone to further cracking in such weathers. However, it can be prevented by inspecting the pavers on a daily basis or at least after bitter weather conditions. The paved driveway should be swept regularly to get rid of any harmful debris.

Solution for Chipped corners of the Sandstone Pavers

The weakest point of the Sandstone Pavers is its corners. They have low resilience to chipping and this affects the overall look of the paved path. As mentioned before in the context of cracking, once chipped, there is no solution but to replace the pavers. Keep in mind that the corners of the pavers should point in the right direction before grouting to ensure that the grout is in the level with the pavers.

Solution for Removing Stains

If you are using Sandstone pavers, then stains are the least of your worries. The effortless way to eradicate this problem would be to let snow and rain take the stain out of the sandstone. If you want to do it yourself, start by diluting the stain using water and scrub it gently.

Ideal for pool surrounds, walkways and courtyards, offering an elegant yet earthy look, Sandstone Pavers can be the ideal choice for you. If you are planning to use Sandstone pavers, contact Sandstone World at 0431 285 425 or send in your queries or orders via email at

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