Difference between Pebbles, Gravel and Crushed Rock

We generally name every solid chunk of sand as rock or stone and generalise every small rock as pebbles. This can become a problem when you want to buy natural stones to decorate your garden and pavers. It is important that you know the difference between pebbles, gravel, and crushed rock so it is easier for you to decide what you actually want in your garden.


Pebbles are round semi-polished pieces of rock made smooth by the continuous action of water on them. They are usually obtained near river or sea deposits and comprise of very hard pieces of quartz, chert, silica, and other minerals. Pebbles are pieces of rocks that are at least 5mm in size. Any rock smaller than this is called a ‘grit’.


Gravel is more or less just like pebbles. Many people find it hard to differentiate between the two. The difference is pebbles are more attractive, well rounded, polished and with good colours whereas gravel is rather dull and irregular in shape.

Crushed Rock

Pebbles are naturally found near the river, creeks or seas. A similar looking substitute can be artificially produced by the process of blasting, crushing and screening. This turns massive deposits of rock into small sized rocks. Many call them as pebbles as well, but there is a difference in them:

  1.    Crushed rock is more consistent in colour
  2.    Crushed rock is angular rather than rounded pebbles

The point is when one is placing an order, they should know the difference between gravel, pebble, and crushed rock so the customer and the seller are all on the same page. At Sandstone World, we have a great variety of stones and wide pebbles range in Brisbane. We guide our customers according to what kind of stone would perfectly suit their needs and are happy to share pictures of available options with them.

Alternatively, you can also share pictures with us to show us what you are looking for. Since we have a wide range of Pebbles and rocks we are sure to supply you with exactly what you have visualised.

Check out our pebbles range available in Brisbane on our website. Contact us via phone call 0431 285 425 or feel free to send your queries at our email address sales@sandstoneworld.com.au. Sandstone World representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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