Wholesale Pebble Range

Sandstone World offers a great variety of pebbles that can be used in many different areas around your garden. With many different colours, shapes and sizes it is easy to find the right kind of pebbles to match the design of your garden. Whether you are looking for pebbles to highlight a goldfish pond in your backyard or whether you would like to create the unique look of pebbles taking the place of a flowerbed, there are unlimited design ideas that you can use to create a beautiful and stunning garden that wows all of your visitors.

“Bulk loads only 12, 24, 33 Tonne loads” Minimum delivery 6m3

Here are some of the beautiful pebbles that Sandstone World offers to its clients.

  • Tumbled Basalt Pebbles
    These beautiful tumbled pebbles are light grey in color and are both optically rather smooth as well as to the touch. With the occasional edge on the pebbles, these tumbled pebbles, sized between 20-40 mm add a nice touch to any path or to highlight a flowerbed in your garden. They will also create much attention surrounding larger plants or bushes along a path leading through your garden.
  • Blue Grey Pebbles
    Our blue grey pebbles are a sight to behold. With their bold and rough edges, these beautiful rocks, sized between 20 and 40 mm will create a great natural look in your garden that will remind your guests and anybody else walking through your garden of a prehistoric volcano sight. Whether you use them to cover entire flowerbeds or as the base for a bath that guides your visitors through your garden, these pebbles will surely get one or the other “awe” out of your guests.
  • Charcoal black pebbles
    Our charcoal black pebbles are some of the most desired and sought for pebbles by designers in our assortment. With their darker, charcoal resembling color and their rounded edges, these pebbles add style to any area of your garden. Their unusual color can be wisely used to create a great contrast in and around flowerbeds that showcase light blooming plants of all sorts. Their rounded edges will also allow you to carefully tread without the need of shoes at all time.
  • Peaches & Cream Pebbles
    These beautifully crushed, uniquely colored pebbles represent a unique way to decorate your garden out of the ordinary. With many edges remaining, alongside rounded corners, these pebbles are the perfect mix of natural and artificial looking rocks that can spice up any garden. Every shipment of these terrific pebbles has an absolutely unique color blend of peach and cream colored pebbles that will allow you to utilize them in any part of your garden. You may even want to bring a handful or two, from your garden into your home to add to your decoration on the inside of your home. Displayed in a vase or a beautiful glass dish, these pebbles will surely have their effect on your guests.
  • White ash Pebbles
    For those home and garden designers who like color combinations that include white, these beautiful, pale looking pebbles are the perfect addition for your newest design. With mostly rounded edges, the white ash stones resemble a fairytale land of snow and white stones. Whether you use them to stick out by themselves, or whether you use them as a contrast for colorful flowers and rich green bushes and little trees, these pebbles will do their part of increasing the appeal of your garden to outsiders and guests alike. They come in sizes of 12mm, 20mm and 20-40mm, making them as versatile as your creativity allows them to be. You can order your personal bulk load of 12, 24 or 33 tons. The minimum load is 6 cubic meters.
  • Western Red
    Western Red is a small beautiful pebble that will allow you to add a new color twist to your garden. Coming in the size of 20mm, there are two variations of Western Red pebbles that you can order for your garden or park that you are helping to design. You can order them as a “washed” pebble.

    • Washed Western Red: The Washed Western Red Pebble variation is slightly lighter than the regular Western Red version. As the only difference is that the pebbles have been washed, the shape of them is not much, if at all, different from the regular Western Red Pebbles. The color is a beautiful way to highlight your pond or small lake with a lighter color pebble that will help your flowers and plants to show their whole beauty.

Other available pebbles
Other available pebbles include : White Crush, Sandstone Tumbled, Sandstone Crush and Silica; all of which you will be able to great gorgeous designs with that will fit just about any design idea you may have for your garden.
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