How to properly clean and maintain your Sandstone products?

Sandstone is incredibly beautiful with its contrasting shades. The way that the quartz content in the sandstone makes the colour pop, immediately sets a great impression on anyone. This, though, only happens when it is properly sealed and maintained. If left at the hands of dust and withering, the colours become muted and grey out. This leaves a very ugly general outlook of any place where the sandstone is used, be it Sandstone Fences or floors.

How to keep your sandstone from fading out?

In order to keep your sandstone products looking their best even after a long time, you have to remember a few things.

· Make sure you clean away any spillages immediately and do not allow them to set their stain on your floor or counter.
· It is vital that you regularly mop the floor so that dust does not get the chance to accumulate and dull out the beauty of the sandstone.
· In case of sandstone flooring, place small carpets in the generally high traffic areas, such as the entrance.
· Do not use general cleaning detergents or any sort of harsh chemicals on sandstone. You can buy special cleansing products made especially for sandstone cleaning purposes.
· You may also use plain warm water to mop the product.
· If your sandstone product has lost its vibrancy noticeably and has begun to look ugly and dull, you should not hesitate to invest in a professional clean up.

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Professional Cleanup

Professional sandstone cleaners inspect the sandstone for physical damage, clean out any dry soil or dust and then move on to the professional cleaning process. They first apply and specialist cleaning solution that is suitable for sandstone and agitate it deep into the product with the help of a machine with rotating brushes attached to it. This forms slurry which is then removed with the help of a wet vacuum. This process is repeated as per requirement and when the ingrained tile soiling has all been effectively removed, the product is then sealed.

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