The beauty of Sandstone Rock Walls

Sandstone World is your local supplier of world class Queensland sandstone. We are a team of professional sandstone suppliers with a wide range of clientele such as Schools, Charities, Landscapers, Construction and Excavation, Streetscapes, Landscaping companies, Government Projects, and Parklands.

Sandstone rock walls are so diverse that they can be used in a variety of different ways. Some of these include:

Residential and Commercial use

Sandstone is heavily used in commercial and residential projects, especially used when building retaining walls. It is common for walls to become infected with termites that eventually eat up the walls and cupboards of your house and make your house weak, vulnerable and full of termites.

Sandstone retaining walls are termite proof and far cheaper than brick or wooden walls.

Sandstone World offers several kinds of rock walls, including:

· Hammered Random (Manhandables)
· Hammered Random (Machine Moveable)
· B Grade (2-4 Sawn Sided)
· B Grade Premium (5 Sawn Sided)
· A Grade (5 Sawn Sided)
· A Grade (6 Sawn Sided)

The warm and elegant colours of the sandstone bring in the perfect effect to your homes, making sandstone the sought after stone for rock walls.

b grade sandstone

You can also have the walls of your office buildings redefined with retaining sandstone walls. It is also a good idea to have your area landscaped with retaining walls. You can landscape your pool, garden or any outdoor area or ground with these as they help prevent soil erosion all the while making the area look beautiful and sophisticated.

Why is it a good idea to use Sandstone rock walls?

Rock walls are sturdy and strong which means they add to the overall reliability of any structure. They can protect your pools from soil erosion by preventing the rainfall from washing soil and other dirt into your pool’s clear water.

Practical uses aside, sandstone is also one of the prettiest and most versatile stones used in residential and commercial projects. When you coordinate the colours of your retaining walls with the surroundings, it can leave a breathtaking effect on your outdoors.

This improves the site’s drainage system.

Another way to use retaining walls smartly is through the process of terracing. Creating these levels supports flat spaces that become usable for agricultural purposes.

You can also use retaining walls for purely decorative purposes and add a frame to the landscape of your backyard either through the use of stone veneers and coping, or by painting plastered walls to compliment your surroundings’ colour scheme.

Sandstone World can produce anything from sandstone rocks and blocks to pavers. To place your order give us a call at 0431 285 425 or drop us an email at

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