Why Should You Use Sandstone In Your Landscaping?

Should You Use Sandstone In Your Landscaping – When considering what materials to use in your landscaping you should think about the pros and cons. You want it to look good whilst also being practical. You could use stone, mulch or a combination depending on its purpose and your preferences. If you choose to use pebbles there are many options to choose from as they vary in shape, colour and size. For top quality stone for your garden, get in touch with Sandstone World. Here’s why you should use stone in your landscaping:

Easy Maintenance

If your gardening abilities are minimal or you simply don’t have the time to be out in the garden every week keeping on top of it, then pebbles may be your best option. If you have your outdoor space mulched, then you need to make sure you have it topped up every year because it decomposes. Stone, however, stands the test of time and only needs re-applying in exceptional circumstances. Weed growth with pebbles is minimal compared to mulched garden beds. You can use weed fabric and apply products to reduce weed growth further. Keeping on top of stone landscaping is easier than other options such as mulch. Ask yourself this question after reading this blog – Should You Use Sandstone In Your Landscaping?

Looks Better for Longer

Due to the fact that stone doesn’t decompose it will stick around for years. So that is why you should use Sandstone In Your Landscaping. The only appearance issues you may have is fading, however, this can be addressed by applying a top dressing every decade. If you regularly sweep your yard and keep debris out of your pebbled areas, it should stay clean.

Minimal Debris

If you have a pool, stone is a great landscaping option as it won’t wash out into it like mulch can. You may have other areas in your outdoor space that have a tendency to wash out soil or mulch if it’s been raining for example. In these cases, stone pebbles are a great choice to keep your garden looking in top condition no matter what the weather is like.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Fungal Growth

Some gardens are more prone to fungus than others and mulch provides the perfect breeding ground. Stone doesn’t provide the right conditions for fungus to grow taking away that issue. There is enough maintenance you need to do in and around your property without having to worry about fungal growth so using pebbles can assist with reducing the time spent working on the garden.

Using stone in your landscape will reduce maintenance and your need to remove debris or fungal growth. They stand the test of time and stay looking their best for many years. If you are interested in using pebbles in your landscaping contact Sandstone World as we have premium quality products as well as an extensive range.


Should You Use Sandstone In Your Landscaping

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