How To Maintain Your Sandstone Pavers in Helidon?

Sandstone Pavers can make your outdoor area really stand out with their natural beauty. To keep them looking great you should ensure you regularly clean and maintain them. They can be sealed to make maintenance easy.

Superior Quality Sandstone In Helidon

Sandstone World supplies quality sandstone products all over Australia. Here’s how to maintain your Sandstone Pavers.

Regular Cleaning

If you keep on top of your cleaning regime you can keep your Pavers looking their best. Start by wiping them down to remove any grit or dust from the exterior. Use a damp mop or cloth to clean them. No chemical products are required to get them clean. If you spot any stains you can treat these with a balanced PH chemical cleanser. Thoroughly rinse the affected area with water to get rid of any residue. Never leave them to dry on their own and use a towel to pat them dry. If you notice any leaves on your Pavers you should take care to sweep them away as these can cause staining.

Have Them Sealed

When you have Sandstone Pavers they are generally quite soft and porous. This makes them susceptible to absorbing large volumes of water. It’s advisable to get your sandstone sealed to protect them and keep them looking great. There are natural looking sealers you can consider to keep the natural appeal of the sandstone. The sealer works to protect the stone against staining, oil and grease. Some sealers should be avoided, however, as they can discolour the sandstone. Ask your sandstone supplier for advice on sealers.

Extra Care

If you haven’t managed to regularly clean your Sandstone Pavers you may need to use a more laborious process to get them back to their former glory. Only use heavier cleaning techniques if the sandstone has been sealed. If they haven’t been and you use rigorous cleaning methods they will discolour and lose some of their appeal. When thoroughly cleaning your sandstone you can opt for chlorine and water if you are looking at using chemicals. Or you could try vinegar mixed with water for a more natural solution. This will help get rid of any mould, algae or build-up of grime.

Sandstone Pavers can look great in your outdoor space. Committing to maintaining them will ensure they look fantastic for many years to come. Having them sealed can protect them along with regular gentle cleaning.

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