Set the Summer in Stone

Set the summer in stone this year. Even though we are currently living in the times where children are being spoilt with technology and being sun deprived, the awareness of the drawbacks of such a life are now beginning to bring the populations back outside. So why not Set the summer in stone.

Summer and spring are probably the months when most people prefer to spend most of their times outside. This has led to the want of décor in the backyards and lawns of houses. Sandstone with its decorative properties and beautiful look is becoming a favourite for this kind of a décor.

Summers, backyards and sandstone!

With all of its different types and colours in the market, sandstone has become a jewel for decorating homes and giving them a refreshing look.

You can line the pool in your garden in creative ways and have statues stand amongst the greenery to add to the scenery. Fountains can be decorated with steps and stones of sandstone and made fancy to look at.

What is a garden if there is nowhere to sit, right? You can have benches made out of sandstone and give your garden the perfect touch with it. Birdbaths and sandstone pillars can also add to the exotic vibe of your backyard that would make any party at your house the most cheerful one in the neighbourhood.

When stressed out from work, staying inside and watching television may not be the best way to relax. Sometimes letting yourself soak in the sun and watching nature’s beauty seems to seep all the stress out of you. Prepare for those hard times today and make your relaxation spot as relaxing and soothing to look at as possible. For this very purpose, many have turned to sandstone for help.

The beautiful colours of sandstone make the perfect pavers & tiles for your backyard and go extremely well the greenery. In a particularly green backyard, sandstone walls could be even a better idea. It can turn your backyard into a movie scene, only better!

Being the suppliers of the best and world class Queensland Sandstone, Sandstone world is ready to create magical summers for you in your backyard.

Contact us for the mesmerising décor of your backyard this summer. Call: 0431 285 425.


Fireplace using A Grade sandstone blocks. Set the summer in stone



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