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Sandstone is eternal, it looks magnificent around your home. Long lasting and aesthetically beautiful. Assess your lifestyle and your needs before settling on a specific sandstone type for your home. If your family has a lot of members or often have social events, there are guests at your home, then you need a durable, easy to maintain and clean surface that does not promote bacterial growths within the stone setting.

If your concerned about your décor and its elegance, then go for a glamourous sandstone. There are many factors that play a part when choosing sandstone for your new home. Just be sure to choose wisely by comparing the aesthetic value, cost and practicality of sandstone.

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Sandstone comes in a wide range of colours. The colour range starts from, pinks, purples, browns, caramels, whites and multi-colours. The variety of colour choices is what gives Sandstone its wonderful character. It can create an amazing affect wherever it may be used.


Just like colours, sandstone has a wide variety of finishes and textures. In fact, there are new finishes being discovered and appearing in the market.

Sandstone offers a variety of products such as:

  • Sandstone Blocks & Boulders
  • Sandstone Bricks
  • Sandstone Mailboxes & Letterboxes
  • Sandstone Pavers, Tiles, Crazy Paves
  • Sandstone Retaining Walls
  • Sandstone Handmade Sculptures
  • Sandstone Seats & Benches
  • Sandstone Steps
  • Sandstone Wall Capping

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Sandstone is a beautiful material that can be used for decorations both inside the house and in the garden. Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock, which generally consists of sand-sized minerals and rock grains. Throughout the internet, especially on social networks, various design ideas and other ways in which to use sandstone can be found. Many of the design ideas you will be able to find, will likely blow your mind and make you wonder why you haven’t decorated with sandstone before. Now you have the chance to be the next person following the trend of spicing up their residential design with selected sandstone design ideas.


Sandstone custom piece for sculpture

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