Sandstone Wall Capping

Wall Capping is great for decorating the top of fence pillars and also along the top of rendered or cladded block walls. There are many different edge profiles you can do but the most popular is Arris or Hand worked (Rockfaced). We can produce these to any sizes and thicknesses.

Cut To Size Sandstone Wall Capping

Wall Capping is a magnificent way to finish any wall, adding an elegant touch that adds value to the construction of the retaining or boundary wall. Sandstone wall capping is the perfect accompaniment to many wall materials like concrete, brick, stucco, wood, and rock. Sandstone offers a visual appeal that is unique and stunning. Sandstone World offers a broad range of sandstone capping that adds the elegance to walls in any outdoor landscapes- retaining walls, boundary walls around the pools and yard or perimeter walls.

Variety of Materials and Colours Available

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock with each stone being unique. The stone is one that is available in various colours. Standard colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, green, black and white. You will often here sandstone referred to by region, such as Helidon Sandstone due to its regional presence. As a material for building construction, it is a fantastic choice due to its beauty and durability.

Quality Sandstone Wall Capping

Sandstone Wall Capping is a more expensive rock, but one that offers a unique elegance that other rocks don’t. Sandstone World offers sandstone wall capping at affordable prices. Wall Capping is a great finish to the top of walls and pillars. Sandstone World offers many different edge profiles, including the popular Arris and Rock-faced capping. Our sandstone capping is available in any size and thickness.

Add an elegant finishing touch to your retaining our boundary wall or pillars with the uniqueness of sandstone.

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