Helidon Sandstone

Helidon Sandstone is among the highest quality in the world. Located in the Lockyer Valley Region of Southeast Queensland, the “Helidon” quarries supply quality sandstone domestically, and internationally, especially to China. Helidon Sandstone has been used extensively within Queensland, in private and public buildings, including Brisbane City Hall.

The Helidon Sandstone Quarries are located 100 Kilometres inland and produce a very fine-grained stone. Given the large size of the Helidon Quarries, supply is expected to continue for hundreds of years into the future.

Sandstone World uses Helidon’s high-quality Sandstone to manufacturer benches, Pavers & Tiles, seats, retaining walls, sculptures and letterboxes. At Sandstone World, We are highly experienced in Sandstone Products and can produce sandstone for your construction project.

Our Products include:

  • Rocks, Blocks, and Boulders for all building purposes.
  • Decorative Pebbles/Gravels for walls and floors.
  • Sandstone Slabs perfect for paving.
  • Garden edging bricks that will keep your gardens from spilling onto the surrounding giving your outdoor an organised and attractive scenery.
  • Letterboxes/Mailboxes available in a unique range of colours. No worries of rust during wet weathers as they are made from natural sandstone.
  • Crazy Pavers Suitable for both residential and commercial paving.
  • Stepping Stones and tiles for decorative on paths and walls/floors respectively.
  • Wall Cladding gives your walls a fascinating finish. Suitable for living room and bathroom walls.
  • House Bricks, perfect for an antique exclusive look for your house.
  • Split Randoms used for decorative purposes in open spaces and also for paving.
  • Steps/Stairs and Retaining Walls gives your stairways a beautiful original finish.
  • Bench Tops and Bench Seats for recreation centres i.e. parks but can also be used in residential areas.
  • Sculptures that exquisite and suitable for leisure facilities, workplaces, and residential areas
  • Wall Cappers are an elegant way to finish any perimeter, entry or retaining wall.

For more information on our Helidon sandstone, or to check stock or order direct and for best prices, please contact us on the number below.

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