How Do You Cut Sandstone With Hand Tools?

Learning to cut sandstone allows you to alter the size and shape of your pieces, whether you’re making a sculpture or a patio deck. Sandstone requires a lot of work to cut, but sandstone is durable. When cutting stone, be sure to go slowly. Take safety precautions to prevent an accident or injury, including using a dust mask and safety goggles.

Cutting Sandstone

  • Assemble your resources. Ensure you must have all the necessary materials before cutting into the sandstone. Most of the items below are available at your neighbourhood hardware shop. Look online if you can’t get them at a hardware store. You’ll need a chisel, an electric grinder, and a diamond cutting blade to cut the sandstone. Renting the grinder might be less expensive if your job is small. A sandstone mason’s hammer is required (these are similar to small sledgehammers).

You’ll also require safety equipment. A full face shield, safety eyewear, and hearing protection are required. Most hardware stores sell hearing protection, which are ear muffs that block out loud noise from machines.

  • Make a mark where you plan to split the stone. Where you will make your cut, mark the stone all the way around. Put on a face mask and some earplugs. Working with an electric grinder is the next stage. Before using your grinding tool, put on your safety eyewear, hearing protection, and the face shield for your protection. At this point, small particles may fly off the stone, and the noise from the grinding tool could damage your hearing.


Sandstone-Cutting Steps

  • Mark began by demonstrating the feather and wedge method for cutting stone:
  • To begin, drill holes along the desired cutting line into the stone.
  • Position the wedge between the feathers and the outside of the hole.
  • Use a hammer to tap on the wedges gently. To ensure the rock is being split slowly and carefully, pay close attention to the hammer’s vibrations and listen carefully. This process ought to take some time.
  • Continue to tap on the wedges as necessary until the stone breaks while cutting sandstone.


  • Mark then demonstrated how to use a hand tracer to cut stone:
  • Determine the cut line that will get used.
  • Tap the hand tracer’s end with the hammer while positioned horizontally on the line.
  • Follow the line with the hand tracer while hammering it. The intention is to build a channel into which the tracer will eventually slide.
  • Keep moving the tracer along this line and striking it with the hammer until the stone cracks.


  • Mark finished by demonstrating how to use a hand point to smooth up cuts and edges:
  • Aim your hand at the bottom border of any lumps while cutting sandstone.
  • Try to get under the bump by gently tapping the hand point with a hammer.
  • Keep going gently and cautiously until the bump separates from the stone.


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