Sandstone Steps
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If you are a person who is into gardening and enjoys creating a perfectly decorated little wonderland of optical joy, then sandstone steps are the item that you cannot be missing in the plan of your garden. Whether you are going for an ancient Roman or Greek look, with the right sandstone steps you will be able to create the feeling of entering an entirely different world upon setting foot in your garden.

With multiple different variations of sandstone steps available for your garden, you will be able to emulate even more designs for your garden. You can choose between Diamond Sawn Steps with smooth surfaces, as well as those with rougher surfaces with wheel trenched front and back edges. Each of the variations has its very individual advantages that will help create the look that you want your garden to have. The availability of different sizes in length and width will allow even more room for creativity and individual design ideas that will propel the overall look of your garden.

Smooth Diamond Sawn Steps – Sandstone steps

Smooth Diamond Sawn Steps are a sight to behold. With almost endless possibilities, Smooth Diamond Sawn Steps are the dream of every hobby gardener who has the space and the use of these beautiful pieces of garden decoration. With more and more designers making use of smooth Diamond Sawn Steps, there is more and more design to be found on the internet. Some of which show the steps leading up to a patio and some as the steps leading up to the front door of a house. Especially in combination with other sandstone products, these steps will impress guests no matter where in your garden you choose to employ them. Those hobby garden designers who are fortunate enough to have a small hill on their property to work with are especially pleased with these beautiful designer steps.

Even if you are not fortunate enough to have a natural hill on your property, if you are able to get your hands on these beautiful steps, it may just be worth to artificially create a hill or two in your garden. You could, for example, create multiple sets of stairs, leading up said hill in your garden, making it a beautiful centrepiece of your design. By adding a pavilion or a fireplace with seats on top of the hill, your smooth sandstone steps will go a long way towards highlighting whichever attraction you choose to place on top of the hill in your garden. As the length and width of the steps can be varied to fit your needs, you will be able to come up with many different designs that fit the size and overall design of your garden. Working with these beautiful space enlightening natural rocks will allow you to let your whole creativity to find an outlet and manifest itself into the most beautiful garden designs.

Another great way of using these terrific smooth natural steps is by using them as the steps leading up to your patio. If you have a slightly elevated patio that overlooks the rest of your garden, creating a set of stairs of smooth Diamond Sawn Sandstone Steps will make the walk from your patio into your garden even more delightful and desirable for you, your family and your guests. Whether you surround your sandstone steps with flowers, mulch or pebbles, your garden will look simply stunning. Sandstone World has all these features for products in their respective locations Sandstone Yangan, Helidon, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Northern Rivers.

Sandstone steps with wheel trenched front and back edges

These beautiful natural stone steps with wheel trenched front and back edges provide a much more edgy look than the smoother Diamond Sawn sandstone steps. With these beautiful pieces, you will be able to create a more natural and wild look in your garden that works very well with larger plants and more vegetation. It will give your garden the look of an ancient garden. Adding exotic plants and colourful larger bushes will further highlight the rough and edgy look of your wheel trenched sandstone steps.

While the roughness may, in many cases, not highlight the front of the house, as well as smooth steps, can, many designers prefer these rougher looking stones over their smooth cousins. As the steps down from your patio into the garden, or as a path that leads through a field of pebbles, flowers and plants, there are many ways in which to utilize these stones in your home’s garden. Just like the smooth steps, these edgy steps are available in many different sizes, both in width and length, for the most individual design ideas. At a great price, you will wish that you had more hills and more reasons to employ such beautiful rocks in your garden.

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