What Type Of Retaining Walls Lasts The Longest?

A retaining wall is an excellent addition if you have a large patio, raised gardens, slopes, or dips on your property. When properly constructed, a retaining wall holds back an area of soil that would otherwise collapse or erode. Retaining walls are usually permanent structures made of natural stone, wood, brick, or poured concrete. Retaining walls are commonly used for attractive landscaping and planning in parks, gardens, and private property.

A retaining wall is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in any landscape. You may be wondering how long a retaining wall will last. We investigated various retaining wall construction materials and their average lifespan. Discover how the right retaining wall can reduce soil erosion, improve water drainage, and transform your property. Depending on the material, soil, and groundwater, a permanent retaining wall can last anywhere from 25 to 100 years. However, consider the material used to build a retaining wall and any necessary maintenance for the structure’s longevity and performance.

Retaining Walls

Common Materials Used In The Construction Of long-lasting, Attractive Retaining Walls

  • Natural stone
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Concrete blocks
  • Gabion
  • Poured concrete

In residential backyards, retaining walls can be used to separate patio and entertainment areas or to create pathways.  For example, constructing a wall on your property is a significant undertaking. You want the fence to last as long as possible, whether made of concrete or masonry. Here are some facts to help you make the best choice for your needs.

  • Retaining Walls in Concrete and Masonry

Poured concrete is the most durable and robust material. Depending on your preferences, it can also be carved and formed to resemble mortar stone.

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Concrete Blocks

The retaining wall comprises interlocking concrete blocks to provide maximum strength, structure, and support. They are incredibly long-lasting, often lasting a century or more. Using concrete blocks for your retaining wall ensures a stable and sturdy structure.

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Poured Concrete

Although made of the same material as concrete blocks, poured concrete walls look nothing alike.  All these concrete walls are strong and stable but poured concrete has a slight advantage over concrete blocks because solid concrete is much denser. One minor caveat is that solid concrete can be vulnerable to chemical damage and cracking when supported by structural support (such as steel rods).

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Wood

While timber walls can be very appealing, they are not as strong as stone or concrete, and the wood will rot over time. Furthermore, a wood retaining wall is susceptible to termites, which means it is unlikely to last as long as other types of material.

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Natural Stone

Typically, stone retaining walls blend in with the surrounding landscape. Stone is a naturally strong and sturdy material that will last a long time in a retaining wall. A well-built stone wall is very dependable and can last many years. However, it comes at a cost: stone is one of the most expensive wall-building materials.

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Brick

Bricks are low-maintenance and reasonably durable, but they lack the strength of concrete and stone. Bricks are typically smaller than stones or concrete blocks and do not include an interlocking system to knit the wall together tightly.

  • Retaining Walls Made Of Gabion

Gabion is an ancient wall construction method that employs a wire or steel cage to construct the structure.  On the other hand, a gabion wall can move with the earth and may not be the best choice if you want stability and strength.

Are You Still Confused About Which Retaining Wall To Install?

While many types of solid and durable retaining walls exist, concrete and stone are easily the best options. These materials are long-lasting, rigid, durable, extremely strong, and can easily support your site.

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