Tips for Maintaining a Sandstone Wall or Floor

Maintaining a Sandstone Wall or Floor – Sandstone walls and paving areas are quite popular in Brisbane. Sandstone walls and sandstone paving add to the value and looks of your house. Good looking sandstone does not come cheap, but with regular maintenance and cleaning you can retain the looks of your sandstone even if used outdoors.

Here are a few tips to keep your sandstone looking good for years:

Clean Regularly and Properly

Be sure that you clean your sandstone walls or floors every once in awhile. Brush off the dust lightly and water down the flooring or the walls to clean the dirt that settles into the sandstone’s texture.

In wet climates, make sure you clean often enough to not let any algae growth survive. Keep in mind, using harsh chemicals to wash the sandstone might damage its surface. In case of staining or heavy dirt, the best way is to make a solution having liquid chlorine diluted with water.

Proper Drainage

Although sandstone is a strong and tough material, it can still get damaged. One of the most common causes of this is improper drainage. When excess water builds up and leaks into the walls seeping into the soil, it weakens the structure causing the sandstone to get loose. In case of walls, they might even fall.

If you plan on having Sandstone Walls, be sure that proper drainage is there and no excess water builds up. Regularly cleaning the drainage pipes also helps to prevent water from gathering.

Sealing Your Walls or Floors

Your Sandstone Walls or floors can last for years and still maintain their looks. A common mistake is to forget about the long-term care of your sandstone. Seal your sandstone flooring or walls. Make sure the sealing agent is sandstone-friendly and does not affect the looks of your sandstone. Additionally, you can hire experts to do that for you.

Although sealing your sandstone is an option in places with less salt-content in the water and soil, it’s highly recommended that you seal your sandstone walls and floors properly in areas with salt water.
Sandstone is one of the toughest stones and is also good to look at. When buying sandstone, make sure you get what you are paying for. Natural sandstone is different from artificial sandstone but a layman can hardly tell the difference. Although good quality sandstone is not cheap, you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your house. Remember, only good quality sandstone will survive the test of time, even with maintenance.

Sandstone World supplies high-quality sandstone for all kinds of purposes, including flooring and walls, in Brisbane. You can contact us at 0431 285 425.


Maintaining a Sandstone Wall or Floor

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