The Good Sides of Using Sandstone

Sandstone – a sedimentary rock – has picked up popularity in many parts of the world thanks to its unique looks and style. In many areas, it is one of the most popular stones used for outdoor decoration. The natural looks of sandstone make it a very versatile option that can add style and a decorative touch, whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. But the very fact that it’s a natural stone, places a certain limitation on the kind of places where sandstone can be used.

Here at Sandstone World Brisbane, we’re going to tell you about the good and bad sides of using sandstone, so you can make an informed choice when investing in this beautiful stone.

The Good Side of Brisbane Sandstone

Natural and Unique:

It is obvious that natural rocks and stones are easily distinguishable from man-made materials. With a wide range of colours, from very light shades to shades almost as dark as black, this natural stone offers you a feel that no man-made stone can.

Other than that, because Sandstone is natural, it offers a unique and different colour tone and pattern on each and every piece that is distinctly visible even when it is cut down.

Durable and Environment-Friendly:

Although the durability of sandstone cannot be matched with materials like granite, it is still a rock that occurs naturally in the mountains. This means it is relatively a durable material which can last for decades if looked after properly.

Sandstone is natural, so it is understandable that the stone is biodegradable in the long run. It is environmentally friendly but has to be mined in moderation or under proper supervision from the government.

At Sandstone World, we only provide the highest quality of Brisbane Sandstone at very fair rates. For further inquiries and orders, call us at 0431 285 425.

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