The Best Material for Your Patio : Sandstone Vs Concrete

When getting your patio or any outdoor area made, the hardest decision is to choose the hardscape material. Plants and patio furniture are something that can be changed later but hardscape materials once installed are not easy or cost effective to change. Since dealing with hardscape materials is a big commitment, choosing the best is important according to your style, vision and budget.

The most common materials are Sandstone and concrete that can create the right atmosphere for your landscape design.

Advantages of Sandstone

Sandstone is  quarried material that can be a fantastic addition to residences and offices.  The discoloration of stones due to sun or snow looks beautiful and gives a warm feel to the landscape. These are very durable and can easily be shifted and installed without the risk of getting chipped, cracked or broken

Disadvantages of Concrete

Concrete is comparatively costly as compared to other paver materials because it requires a lot of labor for grading, backfilling and installation. Concrete is also very prone to breakage during shifting, installation and requires regular maintenance. It is relatively less durable when compared to sandstone.

Sandstone Vs Concrete

The biggest advantage of sandstone over concrete is that sandstone weathers naturally over the years and its value actually increases with time. However, concrete loses its value as it weathers over the years due to constant foot traffic. In case of sandstone, the foot traffic smoothens out the surface and gives it an even beautiful antique look.

Another advantage of using sandstone over concrete is whenever a concrete slab chips or breaks and the unsightly inside is exposed, ruining the overall appearance. Another particular negative to concrete is when damage occurs, it won’t last long.

On the other hand, sandstone has the same texture and look from both inside and outside, so even when it breaks, it blends with the stone. In comparison to concrete, sandstone’s high durability over the years makes it a better choice for commercial hard landscaping projects.

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