Sandstone Retaining Wall
Ideal for soil retention

Sandstone Retaining Walls are an ideal way for soil retention to stop erosion. They are cheaper than block or brick walls and add a natural beauty to your landscape. They are Termite proof and will last a life time with no need for replacement down the track. If you require a nice rectangle Sandstone Blocks, our best seller is our B Grade Premium (5 Sawn Sided).

Retaining walls are a kind of wall that is unique. The wall must support itself as well as to actively hold back pressure from the material behind it. When building a retaining wall the rocks that you use must resist the pressure that is applied by the weight behind the wall. The base material receives a tremendous amount of weight. If the proper rocks are not used, the structural integrity of the work is jeopardised.

Sandstone is an ideal rock as its natural beauty is warm and elegant, and the right size stone can be cut for your wall project. Sandstone World features a broad range of sandstone for a boundary and retaining walls in both A & B Grades. With a variety of colours and sizes, they can be laid dry or with mortar. With sandstone retaining walls, you’ll find a new elegance in the wall in each different light as their colours change as the lighting of the day to evening changes.

Perfect Choice To Design Your Garden

We have supplied Boulder and Rock for Retaining Walls all over South East Qld including, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sand stone Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and surrounds. They can also be called Boulder Walls, Rock Walls, Block Walls, Stone Walls, Gabion Walls and Stone Pitched Walls.

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