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Sandstone is a beautiful material that can be used for decorations both inside the house and in the garden. Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock, which generally consists of sand sized minerals and rock grains. Throughout the internet, especially on social networks, various design ideas and other ways in which to use sandstone can be found. Many of the design ideas you will be able to find, will likely blow your mind and make you wonder why you haven’t decorated with sandstone before. Now you have the chance to be the next person following the trend of spicing up their residential design with selected sandstone design ideas.

Quarry products

Available at Sandstone World – While most people know the finished, treated version of sand stone as the one that is used inside and outside of the house, more and more people are also utilizing untreated quarry products such as B Grade sandstone.  The team at Sandstone World is happy to be able to offer you a great variety of untreated and unaltered sandstone products. Below we have compiled a list of some of the unrefined quarry products and their uses, which we are now able to offer you for delivery as well as pickup.

Random boulders and hammered boulders – Quarry Products

Available in various sizes, random boulders offer great decorative value. Many of the people interested in our random sized sandstone boulders use their stones for the sprucing up of one or the other flowerbeds. By adding just a few boulders, your flowerbed will be much more attractive. You can easily create distinctive borders between separate sections in your garden while adding additional decorative value to your flowerbed.

Another great use for random boulders as well as hammered boulders alike is the embedding of paths. Whether you are planning a walkway from the roadside to your front door or from your back porch to another section of your backyard, lining your path with boulders will help set the direction and keep visitors from leaving the pathway. In addition, these boulders will add the impression of an edgy and prehistoric alleyway which will surely catch the attention of all of your guests and visitors.

If you are going for a smaller, more delicate design in your garden boulders will likely be too big and bulky for you. Our manhandleables on the other side may not look as majestic, but will allow you to not distract from the actual center piece of your garden, your flowers and plants. They are, as the name suggests, easily handled even by a single person while providing you with great decorative value for your extraordinary garden design, while being affordable and cost-effective.

A and B grade sawn sides

Our A and B Grade Blocks offer the same rough edgy flair that our boulders provide for your design ideas. The only difference is that our A and B Grade Blocks are in the shape of rectangular prisms, making them ideal pieces for large structures. Many of our customers use our A and B Grade Blocks for the construction of walls and fence like structures, separating their yards from the roadside or separating sections within the garden. Besides the purpose of separating, cutting off and simply looking good, our A and B Grade Blocks are also useful for many other purposes.  Altogether, the only limitation for the usage of our quarry products is your imagination.

If you have a special design idea that you would like to see realized, all you need to do is speak to us about your idea. We will do our best to help you create the perfectly designed garden that you are envisioning while taking it easy on your budget. Contact Us at 07 3339 1545 


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