Factory Sandstone Products
Made to order

Finding the perfect material, not only to complete, but also to complement ones property can be difficult, especially in the case that you are uncertain about what exactly it is that you want. However, there is one thing that property owners have in common and that’s the need for quality. Whenever updating or adding to a property, you want to ensure that the changes that are made, are changes that are sustainable and therefore will not need to be amended in the near future.

When it comes to providing the Australian market with high quality Sandstone World never fails to deliver.
A few of the factory products we have in stock include:

  • Crazy Pave
    If you’re looking to have a stairway that can endure even the largest volumes of traffic then crazy pave is just what you are looking for. Not only will you receive materials that are of high quality but the space in which you use crazy pave will be appealing due to the beauty of this product.
  • Bricks
    Building a wall or creating unique seats around a campfire? High quality bricks from Sandstone World will give you just the effect you were in search of. The smooth surface means that minimal work needs to go into beautifying its appearance and your project will therefore take a lot less time. You can cut your bricks into smaller pieces as per your needs or keep them whole for projects of a larger size.
  • Slabs
    We’re also a leading supplier of high quality slabs in Australia. If your aim is to create the perfect atmosphere in your patio then there’s no need to settle for inferior quality when you can get all you need at Sandstone World at a bargain price.
  • Tiles
    Tiling your outdoor area is a great way to make things look more uniformed. Once again, quality is imperative especially when dealing with an area that sees a lot of traffic on a day to day basis. You want to ensure that the materials you use are not only durable but also easy to maintain and with our high quality tiles, you will be doing just that.
  • Letterboxes
    Are you looking for a way to modernize your mailbox? If your desire is to step away from metal and into a more stronger and more permanent material, one that won’t rust away, then our letterboxes are the perfect option to consider. Made from high quality sandstone, you will not only get a great look and unique design, but you’ll also have a long lasting product, one that as timeless as it is durable.
  • Sandstone Sculptures
    These are another great factory product that we offer. Your business can definitely take on a whole new face and have its outside appearance more appealing to those who feast their eyes upon it. Standing tall and bold, our sandstone sculptures will be the centerpiece that your business will be proud to have.
  • Sandstone Feature Rocks
    You’ve seen them at hotels, apartment complexes and more and surely, sandstone feature rocks have done a great job at captivating you. Now you too can have top of the line quality sandstone feature rocks that proudly hold your business’ name, logo or slogan. Where you position these feature rocks also matter, you want them to be set in a place that will give them just the exposure they need to impress your clients and highlight your business.
  • Blocks
    Quality sandstone blocks are also included in the products that we have to offer. When in need of a strong material that will do justice in standing the trials of time, blocks are a great option.
  • Wall Cladding
    At Sandstone World, we can also supply you with quality wall cladding. Freshen up the exterior of your home with the excellent wall cladding we are known for. The durability of your building is something that you won’t want to overlook and when you choose wall cladding from Sandstone World, you will be looking in the right direction.

Other factory products that Sandstone World can provide you with include:
-Split Random
-Diamond Sawn Steps

Wholesale prices are just another plus when you order your materials through Sandstone World. Affordability has never been easier, and has never been complement with as great of a service as you will find when choosing us. We’ll help you in the selection process, ensuring that the materials you decide on, are just the ones you need to uplift the appearance of your home or any other location you wish to upgrade.

Contact us today at 07 3339 1545 and find out more about what we have to offer. We guarantee that the quality you are looking for, will be found at Sandstone World. Our team looks forward to taking your call and offering you the assistance you need to get the process going as smoothly and as speedily as possible.


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