Selecting the Glamorous Sandstone Letterboxes

Whether you are an experienced homeowner, a proud new landowner or a commercial building owner, focusing on details can change the entire outlook of your premises. To add the extra effect, change your letterbox. Change the ordinary, regular box and get yourself a Sandstone letterbox.

A rock cut letterbox is sturdy and durable. It comes in various sizes. At Sandstone World, we have experienced craftsmen who can make the most beautiful letterboxes made out of the finest Sandstones available in Brisbane.

Sandstone Letterboxes add charm

Sandstone Letterboxes come in various colours, patterns, designs and sizes. At Sandstone World, we offer different kinds of letterboxes:

  • Custom Letterbox
  • Profiled Letterbox
  • Formal Letterbox
  • Rustic letterbox

Formal Letterbox

A Sandstone Letterbox is well constructed, made out of the highest quality rocks and stones. It is sturdier and durable compared to other material boxes. You also have the privilege to custom make your Brisbane Sandstone letterbox. Choose your favourite colour and design, we will do the rest for you.

A beautifully erected Sandstone Letterbox is the latest trend in Brisbane. For a Custom Letterbox, you can have your street number or even your initials embossed. You can add ‘No Junk Mail’ in fancy style.

Another reason to select a Sandstone Letterbox is that it is weatherproof and can stand against the test of time. A Sandstone mailbox can stand against all kinds of weather: intense heat, hail, rain and snow.

A naturally cut mailbox gives out a simplistic yet elegant look. You can have your own lock and key system as well as the digital lock approach. This will enhance security further. At Sandstone World Brisbane, we have advanced technology and machine to cut out the rocks and stones precisely.

Beautiful Sandstone Letterboxes

The Sandstone Letterboxes do not come with expensive price tags. With unique designs, colours and with the affordable price range, the decision is all yours! Call 0431 285 425.

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