Sandstone the Perfect Stone for Outdoor Landscapes

Sandstone, a sedimentary Rock made up of small minerals and rock grain, is one of the most popular stones for outdoor decorating. It is durable but also relatively soft, making unique cuts and shapes simple and easy. Using sandstone in your garden can help with erosion as well as providing clean, warm beauty to any outdoor space. Sandstone can be used in steps, as tiles, sculptures, seats, retaining walls, and more. Finding sandstone at wholesale prices is exciting and the best sandstone is taken from quarries whose rock has proven itself in strength and lifespan. You can rest assured that the stone quality will stand against both the test of time and the harsh, natural elements. Highlight the natural beauty of your landscaping and home by implementing sandstone into your decorating plans.

Sandstone steps are perfect for gardens and can create a classic Greek or Roman-look. Design options are essentially endless. For steps, there are two basic styles: diamond sawn and natural. Diamond-sawn stone is smooth and polished. The stone acts as a frame to highlight your garden and lead a visitor up hills or to a patio or even a fire pit. Wheel-trenched steps, or natural stone, has a rougher, edgier look than the diamond sawn. This style works especially well if your garden has a free, wild look with large plants and overgrown bushes or vines. It gives a garden a more “ancient” feel, as if a visitor has stumbled upon a lost oasis from ancient Greece, and variations in stone size and shape can really develop the desired ambience. If your landscaping does not have hills, you can have hills formed into your garden so you can use sandstone steps. The process is relatively simple and having sandstone steps can transform an ordinary garden into a magical one.

Another popular use for sandstone is for pavers and tiles. You can choose any size or thickness that you feel works best for your outdoor space. Create pathways in your garden with “crazy paves,” which are pieces of stone cut randomly to give your garden a completely unique look. You can also get a smoother, more organized look with sandstone tiles and pave a patio or even driveway, adding a feeling of luxury to your property. Sandstone is very strong, so do not be concerned about the effect of rain, hot sun, or foot traffic. Depending on your desires, sandstone can also be sealed for extra protection. For those who do not want to spend a lot of money but still want sandstone, stepping stones are a very economical way to personalize a garden or backyard. Sandstone tiles are also popular for pool areas if the water is not salted. Stone tiles are often put indoors as well, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. The soft, dune-like waves of sandstone tiles add warmth and elegance wherever they are used.

Walling capping is when you literally “cap” a fence pillar or block wall with sandstone, giving it a natural, rocky texture, or shiny, smooth face. Using sandstone gives your home’s curb appeal a very sophisticated, polished look if you use a smooth sawn, or a more rustic, natural feel with Arris (also known as a rockfaced). You have the power to choose any size or thickness, so the sandstone fits your home’s architecture perfectly. Sandstone walls can also provide important practical services, like keeping soil erosion at bay. They are better than brick or blocks, and you are not in danger of facing termites down the line. Gardens are the ideal place for sandstone walls. There are different grades for sandstone (A, B, and so on), but sometimes the more expensive stone is not any more effective than a more affordable grade, so ask your stonemason before purchasing. Sandstone walls perform their practical function perfectly without distracting from the natural beauty of a garden.

Many people like having sculptures in their gardens, but want the pieces to blend into the garden and highlight the space rather than dominating it. Sandstone is the perfect form for such sculptures as their neutral tones and natural shapes compliment rather than contrast with a landscape. Sandstone is a relatively soft stone which makes it ideal for carving, so the limits to a custom sculpture are only found in your imagination. The sculpture can be as simple as a carved tree stump or as elaborate as an imitation of a classic Greek statue. Whatever you want, a good company will be able to produce. Whether you want a few stepping stones leading from your backyard steps to your fire pit, or your entire driveway paved with polished stone, sandstone is an excellent option for adding warmth and sophistication to any outdoor space.

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