Sandstone Bricks Multi-Purpose

Sandstone Bricks are widely used for Garden Edging, House construction, Letterboxes to anything a normal brick can be used for. They can be smooth sawn or have a Rockface, we can produce to most sizes onsite in the factory. We can also saw them in half so they can be used as cladding on Block Walls or Blue Board.

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    Split-faced Garden Edging
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  • Sandstone Bricks Brisbane
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Standard Colours For Garden Bricks

Sandstone Bricks are an attractive exterior wall treatment option that adds an elegance and warmth to any architectural structure. The rock is a sedimentary rock that features a natural beauty unique to itself. The brick is also one that is durable and will last often longer than the construction of the property.

Sandstone World is your source for a wonderful selection of quality sandstone at incredible prices.

Sandstone Bricks Brisbane

Sandstone is a natural stone that is comprised of mineral grains like quartz and feldspar. The rock suits a variety of domestic and commercial applications with many natural colours composed of the mineral content of the stone. Tan, green, brown, white, black, yellow and red are all standard colours. Sandstone bricks are typically used as an exterior veneer. The choice in the stone is one that is ideal as it is quite durable, outlasting most siding materials. For property owners that are interested in a sandstone brick project, Sandstone World offers a wide selection of sandstone colours and sizes.

Our quality sandstone brick range includes:

  • House bricks
  • Split random bricks
  • Split faced garden edging

For quality Sandstone for your next building construction or DIY project, contact SandstoneWorld.

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