Correct finishing and Colour for your Sandstone

The first thing of critical importance for your renovation or building project is choosing the right kind of sandstone and the correct finishing. You want one that will amplify your house’s appeal and beauty. You want to make sure that it compliments the rest of your house, interior or exterior. Sandstone World offers the highest quality Sandstone in the area of Brisbane, with multiple colours and various finishes available for your selection.

How to choose the right finishing

Sandstone World has a wide variety of finishes available to suit your personal style. You might prefer a rock-based finish or a gang sawn finish, we have it all. With a rock-based finish, you get more of a bold look. With gang sawn finish, it is a more contemporary style. It makes the interior give off a more polished, elegant look. The right kind of finish for your sandstone depends on your personal style and aesthetic. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to assist you with your specific needs for your project.

Sandstone Bricks Brisbane - Correct finishing

How to choose the right colour

With sandstone, the amount of processing used for creating it as a building material is low. This means that the natural essence of sandstone is not lost. For people in Brisbane, sandstone is the perfect material to complement their outdoor garden or indoor walls and ceilings.

For a more natural feel, we at Sandstone World Brisbane will advise the use of a range of darker brown colour to enhance natural beauty. This is especially helpful for people who have more tropical plants. The brown will provide a lovely contrast to the green.

If you have a more traditional garden, lighter colours are more suitable like pink or white and having the correct finishing is crucial. It gives off a more contemporary feel to make it look like European styled gardens.

Sandstone naturally enhances the beauty of a property. But it requires expertise to know what kind of colours will match landscapes and not clash. At Sandstone World, we have a team of experts who are more than willing to give advice on choosing the right kind of finish and colour for designs that you have in mind.

If you are located in Brisbane, you can contact us by calling us at 0431 285 425 for an instant quote, you can also fill the form located on our website. We guarantee you the best quality sandstone located in Brisbane.

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