The Beauty of Brisbane Sandstone

Sandstone is one of the most popular materials for outdoor decoration. Its warm, soft tones accent the colours of grasses and flowers, while also acting in functional ways in the form of steps, benches, and so on. When considering sandstone, you should know about the vast array of options you have for cuts and designs, such as slabs, bricks, pavers, tiles, and more. There are two main categories for sandstone cuttings: quarry and factory. Quarry is more rugged and adds rustic appeal, while factory cuts like bricks and blocks are more suited to structures like stairs, or walls. Whether you are a homeowner looking to add a new look to your outdoor space or are responsible for the decor of a school or park, sandstone at wholesale prices is a beautiful option.

For quarry Sandstone, there are five main types to think about: Random Boulders, Hammered Boulders, Manhandleables, and Sawns. Random boulders are large and heavy, so you only need a few to transform your garden. With these boulders, you can create organic-looking borders between flower plots. Hammered boulders are excellent for if you have a long driveway or large backyard that has pathways. The boulders can act as a sort of fence that keeps the pathway clearly outlined while still maintaining a natural look that fits with the rest of your outdoor space. Manhandleables are smaller and for more detailed designs. These are sandstone cuts that are easy to pick up and highly-affordable, so you can purchase as few or as many as you want and arrange them in your garden. Sawn cuts are prisms and are used primarily for walls and fences. Like boulders, these are large rocks that create impressive-looking structures. You can also use sawn sides for benches or even tables to add ancient Roman or prehistoric flair to your yard. A quality sandstone cutter will be able to customize your quarry sandstone and advise you on how to best place your stones so you can have the garden and/or yard of your dreams.

Factory Sandstone includes Bricks, Slabs, Tiles, Feature Rocks, Blocks, and Stones specifically for Sculptures. While quarry stones have rough edges, factory bricks have been smoothed so you can easily build walls or seats. Bricks can come in any size, so depending on your project, they can be as large or small as you desire. Slabs and tiles are ideal for outdoor flooring that adds luxury to your space. High-quality sandstone for tiles is very important as the stone will be seeing a lot of action and exposure to different elements. Sandstone is a soft, porous stone, so ask your provider about how to best care for the stone so it remains durable and long-lasting. If you want a sculpture, soft Sandstone is the perfect medium. Businesses in particular like sculptures and feature rocks, which often include a company logo or name carved into the surface. Sculptures are also perfect for gardens. Other factory-cut styles include diamond sawn steps and split random.

Many Sandstone providers also offer pebbles, which are a beautiful and unique detail for gardens and flower beds. Some pebble options include tumbled basalt, blue grey, peaches and cream, and western red. Tumbled basalt pebbles are smooth, light gray rocks that make the bright colours of flowers or grass pop. Blue grey pebbles are rougher and more natural-looking, and are comparable to volcano rocks. Like sandstone, peaches and cream pebbles are warm and each handful is more unique than the last. These stones are often featured indoors as well as outdoors, and make a beautiful centerpiece when collected in a glass vase. Western red pebbles feature well in small ponds and water structures as well as gardens, and create a richer, brighter environment than some of the other more neutral pebbles.

Whether you have a small garden and just want a few large boulders to add complexity to your outdoor space, or are a business looking for a total renovation of your landscaping with boulders, pebbles, and sculptures, finding a good sandstone provider is important. Low quality sandstone will crumble and dull over time, and will ultimately prove to be a waste of money. Sandstone World supplies only the best stones and gets their stone from the same quarry that the rocks from Brisbane’s Heritage Buildings were from. Their prices come at wholesale, so you are assured a good deal on whatever your project might be. In addition to great deals and quality stone, Sandstone World is happy to customize and design all your stone so the result is completely unique and personalised.

For an estimate on what the price will be for whatever work you want done, CALL 07 3339 1545 and talk to one of our passionate and informed customer service reps.

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