Warwick Sandstone

Warwick is a town, located in southeast Queensland, Australia, lying 130 km south-west of Brisbane.

  • Hammered Random
    Random Boulders (machine size)
  • b grade sandstone
    B Grade Sandstone (machine size)
  • b grade premium
    B Grade Premium (machine size)
  • a grade 5 sawn sided
    A Grade 5 Sawn Sides (machine moveable)
  • a grade 6 sawn sided
    A Grade 6 Sawn Sides (machine size)

Sandstone in Warwick is Very Unique

In the late 1860s farms started emerging in the region, and an intake of Danish farmers saw significant growth in the region. Saw pits and mills were established, and sandstone was quarried about one kilometre out of town. Since then Warwick sandstone has grown in popularity both domestically and internationally. Warwick sandstone reserves are expected to provide premium boulders and rocks for hundreds of years to come.

Sandstone World use warwick’s premium Sandstone to manufacturer Retaining Walls, Wall Capping, Sculptures, Steps, Tiles, and Benches.

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